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    We are a Full Service Inspection Company
    We don’t just perform simple analysis,
    We FIX What We Find
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    We service all electrical and mechanical machine tools
    Optimized Tools =
    Optimized Performance
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    Complete machine evaluations
    Complete mechanical services
    Complete electronic repair

Laser Calibration & Alignment Service

Precision Machine Tool Inspection, Calibration & Repair

LCAS has been servicing machine tools in the aerospace and automotive industry since 1980. We are a cutting edge firm dedicated to the highest standards of machine tool inspection, performance verification and certification of high accuracy machine tools in the U.S. and internationally. We are a complete inspection, calibration, and repair (electrical and mechanical) company.


Laser Calibration & Alignment

We use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely analyze and adjust the accuracy of your machine tools, maximizing your performance, and minimizing downtime.


Complete Diagnostic Services

We provide complete graphical & statistical reports. A certificate of calibration with traceability to national or international standards and compliance with ISO-230 is provided with each calibration.


Precision Repair & Correction

We do more than perform simple analysis of your equipment—we fix what we find. We solve existing process errors and maintain machine performance to ensure future process control.


Preventive Maintenance Available

Preventive maintainence programs ensure machine accuracies are maintained on older equipment, resulting in less down time and increased process control.


Machine Acquisitions

Purchasing new or used CNC equipment is a large and costly undertaking. Let us ensure machine accuracies are within, or better, than the OEM specifications during installation.


Optimized Performance, Optimized Profit

Our diagnostic and correction procedures result in a dramatic increase in machining capability, improving your efficiency, your productivity, and your profit margins.

Our Services

LCAS is a complete state-of-the-art machine tool service. Our services include precision laser calibration, alignment, repair, inspection and performance verification on electrical and mechanical machine tools. The Complete Graphical and Statistical Reports we provide can be used for establishing baseline data, verification of machine specifications, and trending analysis. Below is a partial list of our services.

  • Quality problems solved
  • Quick recertification following collisions
  • Machine calibration
  • OEM specification maintained
  • Ensure process control
  • Geometric alignment restored
  • Complete machine evaluations
  • Diagnostic service
  • Emergency service provided
  • Service contracts available
  • P.M. programs available
  • Interpolation issues resolved
  • Complete mechanical services
  • Complete electronic repair

About Us

For over 35 years, LCAS has been providing high quality service to our customers. Our combination of experience and a high level of mastery of the latest equipment is a big reason we’ve been successful for so long. Our clients invest a lot in their tools. We create value for them by ensuring that these tools run at their optimal levels, to maximize their productivity, efficiency and safety.

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Contact Us

LCAS is headquartered in the northeastern Massachusetts area, but we perform work all over the United States, as well as internationally. Call us today!